Want a taste of the book?


If you go to Amazon.com and enter the book title, Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa, and then click on the “Look Inside” feature on the picture of the book, like the one below, you’ll have the opportunity to read the first chapter of the book and get a feel for its subject matter and tone.   

Don’t read the Afterword, though, because it will spoil the suspense of the plot for you.  Of course, you also have the opportunity to purchase the book, either new or used.  There are also several reviews, both professional and amateur. 

Carol Anita Ryan, who wrote one of the reviews, also has a book available on Amazon, called Right Now is Perfect, about a sailing trip she took across the Pacific, the sort of trip everyone thinks about but seldom actually does.  She quit her job, threw caution to the wind, and set off with Bill, her charismatic free spirit boyfriend, joining two others in a long-distance sail from California to French Polynesia.   It’s an interesting read.

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