Historical Fiction Blog Hop, Part II

Omedieval bunnyur assignment was to include exactly ten sentences from a story.  My contribution this week is from Past the Last Island, the second book in the Misfits and Heroes series on ancient explorers.  This section describes the transformation of Owl Man, the shaman, who has chosen to remain behind on the island while the others continue their journey.

In the days and nights that followed, he never moved.  The yellow-eyed boat blew over in a storm.  Rains fell on him, and sunlight and moonlight and spray from the waves.  His hair grew so long it reached down his back to the ground; his toenails twisted into the sand.  A swift perched on his shoulder.

Inside, he discovered a great space filled with sky that he rose up into, pushing through it with his uplifted arms, stretching out his fingers until he reached the very heart of the sky.  Just before he had it under his fingers, the swift stopped him, saying, “It is not given to you to know the heart of the sky.”

So he returned, sending out roots into the earth, solidifying into a guardian tree near the shore, its trunk greater around than the reach of six men, its branches reaching higher into the sky than those of any other tree.  Red macaws claimed the tree and tiny wax bees, grey monkeys, a python, a wide-eyed tarsier. Most of all it belonged to the swift, who, as the shaman’s other, gave him the gift of flight, even as he took root deeper into the ground.

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8 thoughts on “Historical Fiction Blog Hop, Part II

    • Thanks, Jenna! Before this scene, Owl Man killed Raidu, the chief who was attacking the settlement, by throwing his knife into the back of Raidu’s neck. While his action saved a number of people’s lives and everyone understood why he did it, the shaman struggled with the burden of murder. It only increases his sense that everything he’s done is something to regret. So when the others leave, he stays behind.

    • Thank you for your comment! The shaman has been very powerful all his adult life, but he realizes when everyone else is leaving that he finds nothing admirable in his past actions. Though he could go with the others, he sees nothing better there, so he stays exactly where he is, and that’s when the transformation occurs.

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